The Association was founded in 1954 and has over 1000 members from music schools, faculties, music academies, primary schools, specialized secondary schools and grammar schools from the whole territory of Serbia. The main activity of the Association is organizing seminars, specialized trainings, competitions, festivals, concerts, etc. in accordance with the curriculum which is developed each school year.

The Association also provides its support and opinion in awarding scholarships and  educating young talented people in their own country and abroad; it also publishes textbooks and reference books as well as specialized informative magazines devoted to music and ballet pedagogy that affirm the activities of music and ballet pedagogues from Serbia and abroad. Each year the Association awards prizes to its members who have achieved educational successes through their annual work. The Association of Music and Ballet pedagogues of Serbia cooperates with other associations from the ex Yugoslav republics as well as with pedagogues from other countries. In addition, the Association also supports full cooperation and coordination of its activities with the Ministries of Education and Culture as well as with the city and local authorities.

One of the most important manifestations of the Association is the International Competition of Young Musicians “Petar Konjovic”, which was held for the first time in 1991. The name of the Competition is connected to Petar Konjovic, one of the most important figures of Serbian culture. Since Petar Konjovic, who was a composer, conductor, music writer, professor and rector of the Music Academy, was also one of the founders and directors of the Musicology Institute SANU, this very Gallery has become the traditional place for the opening of the Competition. The international character of the Competition gives a chance to young talented musicians from all over the world to meet their peers and to compare their musical talent to each other.

The international jury, consisting of distinguished domestic and foreign pedagogues and eminent music professionals, awards the prizes and special recognitions by applying very strict criteria for each discipline and category. In this way, talented young musicians can realise and develop their music capacity, gain self confidence for performances and develop a repertoire needed for going to other international competitions.

Since 1998, the Competition “Petar Konjovic” has been an extraordinary member and in 2002 it became a regular member of the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY) with headquarters in Munich. This membership is very important because it facilitates inclusion in modern tendencies of European music education.

Successful cooperation with this very important international organization can be seen through the participation of most successful competitors of the Competition “Petar Konjovic” in European concerts, seminars, music camps and international youth orchestras in Europe

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